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An Apology

June 16, 2010

I think names are important, so here’s some information for you about the three names you’ll see most often on this site.

Popsalicious is an incarnation of the nickname Pepe, which was given to me as my “Spanish name” in my Spanish class my freshman year of high school because the asshole sitting next to me took my actual name in Spanish, Pablo, for his “Spanish name” even though it’s nothing like his actual name in Spanish and we ended up referring to him by his actual name in English after the first semester.  When he took Pablo I was flustered because I had been certain that he wouldn’t, and in that certainty I hadn’t come up with an alternative “Spanish name.”  To boot, I was nervous as a sardine in a cat house since it was the first day of high school, so all I could do was stare dumbly panicked at the sheet of “Spanish names.”  My classmates suggested that I looked like a Pepe, and without any other option I consented to it.  The English equivalent of “Pepe” is “Joey.”  In the course of time, Pepe was shortened to Peps.  Peps was turned into an acronym of Pepe En la Playa, an association with the phrase “Vamos a la playa” from our textbook and a popular (among us at the time) Spanish song.  Pepe En la playa was anglicized to Pepe On la Playa, which was re-acronymized into Pops.  Pops became my most popular nickname in high school, preceded by the less-widely adopted diminutive of my last name, Maury.  For a while, I self-monickered online as “popsman,” but decided to change my handle to the current “popsalicious” upon suggestion by that same asshole who stole Pablo from me back in high school.

MPMPC stands for Meta-Post-Modern Party Central.  I don’t really know what post-modern is, just like I don’t really know what existential is.  All the pseudo-intellectuals bandy those terms around like dollar bills in a strip club, and no one can ever give me a straight definition of post-modern or existential just like the strippers can never give me any under-the-pants action.  From what I gather, though, the post-modern movement transcends and reflects on modernism.  Seinfeld, Twin Peaks, and YTMND are commonly used and good examples.  But I say, the post-moderns haven’t gone far enough.  I’m going to reflect on that reflection.  I’m going to make their irony ironic.  I’m going to meta their meta and post their post.  As an extension of the very passion that leads to post-modernism, I have developed meta-post-modernism.  It’s an infinitely regressive dry-humored revelation of absurdity.  It’s a crazy dance where anything goes because nothing was allowed and when the nothing became nothing it all became everything.  Absurdists can’t find meaning in anything, but meaning is totally allowed under meta-post-modernism.  It’s all a party, and party central is right here.  MPMPC is also unintentionally a pentagrammaton instead of a tetragrammaton.

The domain name is not the title of the site because the domain name is not my username, and I figured there was no reason to break the pattern of not-matching if my username and the domain name were going to be different anyway.  The Ever-Abiding Swerve is a conflation of the English translations of two very separate yet similar philosophical terms, Martin Heidegger’s “Ever-Abiding Sway” and Lucretius’ “Swerve.”  Ever-abiding sway is Heidegger’s translation of the Greek φύσις, and even though I have very little conviction that Heidegger is accurately portraying Greek thought, I still like the concept.  Nature sways in and out of power, in and out of being and nothing, up and down on the face of being.  Heidegger’s metaphysics is nutso, but it’s some of the most well-thought-out nutso stuff I’ve encountered.  And how can you expect metaphysics not to sound crazy?  Heidegger’s concept is complimented by the swerve, which is the metaphysical principle that causes the ever-downward-falling hooked atoms of Lucretius’ universe to collide randomly with one another and form more complicated materials.  This is how our world was created in the infinity of space, and how it will eventually be destroyed and recreated infinitely in the infinity of time.  Like all good metaphysical concepts, it’s an exposition of how things are, not an explanation of why things are.  Since swerve is random, it’s appearing to be a much more accurate exposition of the nature of things since quantum scientists have decided that there can’t be an understandable law for the behavior of very small things.  I refuse to believe that the universe is fundamentally probabilistic, but I also refuse to believe that human reason would be a governing principle for nature, so I take swerve as as good an explanation as is possible at the moment with a desire to find a better one and a strong suspicion that I won’t.  Similarly, The Ever-Abiding Swerve is the title because I can’t think of another one even though I want to.

The title will change according to my fancy, but the other two are set.  So now you are acquainted with my triumvirate of names.

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