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Pee on the post

June 28, 2010

When I come up with an idea for a comic, a sketch, or something to write about, I usually don’t have anything to write it down on.  I’m driving, or I’m walking around, or I’m at a party, and I don’t carry a notebook everywhere I go.  So instead, I save it in my phone as a draft of a text message.  It’s not the best solution, though.  Besides wanting to write the idea down quickly so I don’t have to have my phone out wherever I am, typing into my phone (a flipper, not one of those smartypants phones) is a hassle.  Instead of writing it all out in detail, I try to condense the idea into just a few misspelled words or a phrase that’ll jog my memory of the idea.  Most of the time it works fine.

It gets tricky when I’m drunk though.  Jogging a drunk memory is tougher than a sober one because I have to think like drunk-me to put the pieces together.  Then when I do, the ideas aren’t even that great.

I have this one draft note, though, which I absolutely can’t recall what it’s about.  It says, “Pee on the post.”  I don’t know if it’s a command, an observation, which post it’s about, who’s doing the peeing, if I came up with it for the alliteration, anything.  It is a mystery.  Doofy stuff.

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