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Useless complaints about perceptions of society

July 26, 2010

Oh man oh man oh man, the society and government of the United States is bogus.  I don’t understand how anything got this bad ever.  But you know none of these gripes I have with rich corporations, corrupt government officials, the lowest classes somehow being convinced to unite their political interests with those of the very richest and to vote for politicians who specifically only favor the rich, the wastes of food, natural resources, jobs, healthcare, the degradation of the human spirit through menial alienating labor and hypnotic advertising, the evil that gets practiced through simple complacent inaction every day, all of the things that needle every hour at my inability to change them – none of those matter as I can present them to myself right now.  You know why?  Because they’re vapors.  Vapors of ideas of the evil.  That’s not to say that the evil isn’t being practiced daily, no, it’s still going on.  But if I can’t make these problems concrete, then there’s nothing I or anyone else can do to change them.  In order for there to be change, we need to have a target.  We need to say, “So and so is allowing this to continue in our government,” “What’s his name is letting this policy be set which is completely against the interest of the survival of the polity,” “Such and such is lying in this public statement in an attempt to bend the will of the public.”  Not only that, but big grandiose statements about the corruption of society are annoying.  They seem completely unfounded, they make the speaker sound like a pompous and ill-informed ass, because really they are unfounded without those concrete bits of information.  Nothing will happen without that concrete information.

So to help along the process of creating a better union, I present to all interested parties a three-step plan for change.  Step one is to rake the muck.  Step two is to do something about it.  Step three is to get killed by someone who really didn’t want things to change.

Concrete-less gripes are also a problem because on the surface of daily life, there are a lot of people for whom life isn’t really that bad.  Things could be a whole lot worse than they are.  So don’t go alienating yourself by wailing against vapors that don’t exist.  If change is going to happen, it must be real things that get changed, not illusions produced by the media or the grapevine.  Sure, not too many people are starving in America, or lining up for bread lines, but in a lot of ways getting fast food for every meal isn’t any different from a bread line.  The main difference is whether the government is running the welfare food or a corporation is.  In this case, it’s a corporation protected by the government.  Again, that seems bogus.

Also, I’m going to vote for Ralph Nader every chance I get.

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