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Adventures of a semi-employed youth pt 3

August 20, 2010

In the non-profit job listing section of craigslist, you’ll see many opportunities to End Global Warming! or Stop Prop 8! or Help End Hunger!.  For your participation in such magnanimous projects, you’re promised to receive $600-1200 a week.  Sounds like a deal, right?  Following just one of these links to the posting will reveal to you that these are canvasing jobs.  They will have you go stand on a street corner and try to raise money for organizations.  I figure you get paid by commission, like you get ten cents for every dollar you raise.  Maybe it’s better, maybe it’s a dollar for every dollar.  But there’s no way they’re paid hourly.

I asked a street-corner petitioner once if she wanted my signature on something, because I figured that wouldn’t take much time out of my day and it’d be better to do that then follow my original plan of ignoring her as I walked by.  I figured, “If they’re collecting signatures, maybe they’ll be able to put some legislation into effect and they can really make a change.”  She said, “No, we’re just looking for donations.”  I’m not sure what change my donation would have made, if any, but I do figure that someone much higher up the chain of the petition organization would have been pleased to have some extra cash for his new environmentally friendly yacht.

Also, I didn’t notice this at first about these petitioning jobs, but today I was struck with the fact that they’re all canvasing for a liberal causes.  Are liberal kids just more gullible and better suited to stand on street corners asking for change?  Do the conservative causes not need the money because of their wealthy supporters?  Or, do all the conservative kids who would fill the opposing niche just already have well-paying jobs?  You be the judge.

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