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April 4th Already?

April 5, 2011


Well I’ve been working at my old elementary school now since the beginning of November.  I feel better working there than at my old high school at least.  Not that I would be, but whenever you’re around your old high school the remembrances of how awkward and horrible you were flit and flutter through the hallways and you’re tempted to forget how much you’ve grown since then and refix your high-school self.  And if you don’t feel those memories, then congratulations, you’re still your fantastic high-school self and you always will be.  Working at my elementary school, I don’t want to go back and redo the embarrassing moments I had when I was seven.  Now I just kinda laugh at them.  And still get embarrassed a little bit.

Little kids are fun but they’re a pain in the ass sometimes.  I think that’s actually true with everyone, not just little kids.  Both adults and kids want to assert themselves too much, they’ll do what they’re told not to do, they won’t listen when it’s time to listen.  They both have trouble finding good solutions to problems.  I think the only real difference is that instead of loving pizza and candy and video games, adults love alcohol and sex and video games.   I’m planning on using the skills I get with resolving kids’ conflicts to resolve adults’ conflicts too.  These four and a little bit months have really sharpened my conflict resolution skills.  Also my grammar skills.  Yeah I know what a subordinating conjunction is.

I’m drawing more now (more than the not at all that I was doing before) so there’ll be comics coming up soon.  More posts too.  Can’t promise more pizza.

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